"When I was younger, I loved looking at all of the photos my mother had collected from her lifetime, including ones of my siblings and me growing up. As I aged, I loved seeing myself in photos less and less, falling into an abusive relationship between myself and my self image. I felt distorted in photos and was so uncomfortable around any camera or mirror. Becoming the woman I am has been a long, frustrating road but my session with Brooke left me with the tangible evidence of my journey. I was comfortable and even more, I saw that I was beautiful. Strong and gorgeous and ready to proudly show the world who I am. She invited me in warmly and allowed me to show my most natural self with so much encouragement. It is an experience I highly recommend for any person of any age or background. Brooke will help you embrace who you are and emphasize the beauty of your self and your life."

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Cody Rae

“I was a little nervous when I booked a session with Brooke a few weeks ago. I had total faith in her but was a little self conscious being as I will be 40 this year and I’m a little camera shy . My nervousness quickly became excitement as we picked out outfits and Ava pampered me with hair and makeup . (Being a hairdresser this rarely happens) Brooke is an amazing photographer who utilizes all of the elements around you . We didn’t do heavy makeup , she used natural lighting, climbed all over the place to get the perfect shot (literally on a ladder that straddled Me ) I felt more and more confident as the day went on. It was hard for me to keep a straight face half the time because we laughed so much . I was sad to leave the session that day after having so much fun. When I got home from grocery shopping that afternoon in freezing rain , I opened my phone to find the pictures she was taking off of her camera . I was SHOCKED they were me! They were amazing ! The best part was it was really me, and I got to see how an artist like Brooke saw me that day, and it was empowering. This is an experience every woman of any age should take advantage of . They don’t have to be a gift to anyone , have them made as a gift to yourself.”