"When I was younger, I loved looking at all of the photos my mother had collected from her lifetime, including ones of my siblings and me growing up. As I aged, I loved seeing myself in photos less and less, falling into an abusive relationship between myself and my self image. I felt distorted in photos and was so uncomfortable around any camera or mirror. Becoming the woman I am has been a long, frustrating road but my session with Brooke left me with the tangible evidence of my journey. I was comfortable and even more, I saw that I was beautiful. Strong and gorgeous and ready to proudly show the world who I am. She invited me in warmly and allowed me to show my most natural self with so much encouragement. It is an experience I highly recommend for any person of any age or background. Brooke will help you embrace who you are and emphasize the beauty of your self and your life."

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Cody Rae

“I was a little nervous when I booked a session with Brooke a few weeks ago. I had total faith in her but was a little self conscious being as I will be 40 this year and I’m a little camera shy . My nervousness quickly became excitement as we picked out outfits and Ava pampered me with hair and makeup . (Being a hairdresser this rarely happens) Brooke is an amazing photographer who utilizes all of the elements around you . We didn’t do heavy makeup , she used natural lighting, climbed all over the place to get the perfect shot (literally on a ladder that straddled Me ) I felt more and more confident as the day went on. It was hard for me to keep a straight face half the time because we laughed so much . I was sad to leave the session that day after having so much fun. When I got home from grocery shopping that afternoon in freezing rain , I opened my phone to find the pictures she was taking off of her camera . I was SHOCKED they were me! They were amazing ! The best part was it was really me, and I got to see how an artist like Brooke saw me that day, and it was empowering. This is an experience every woman of any age should take advantage of . They don’t have to be a gift to anyone , have them made as a gift to yourself.”

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My experiences with Brooke have always been amazing. She has been my family photographer for many years and I continue to work with her for both personal and business photography. Brooke has photographed all of the major events in my life including my engagement session, bridals, wedding, and the birth of my son. She has also been the official photographer for CharACTers Theatrics for 8 years. Brooke forms a close relationship with her clients to better understand their desires for their photos. She makes each session unique to the client and makes the entire experience comfortable. She is a warm and friendly person that welcomes you into a safe environment in front of her camera. I would gladly recommend Brooke to anyone wanting a extraordinary experience for their photography session.


If you asked anyone who knows me about me, they would probably say, “Jade is (insert nice compliment here), but she does not believe that about herself.” I have always been hard on myself. It just came easily. The self-deprecating jokes, beating myself up when I came up short, etc. was the only things that I would say to myself or to others about me. Needless to say, that behavior has cost me great friendships. Around the time that I contacted Brooke about booking a session, I was in a deep depression and was going through some loss of friendships. I had seen her previous sessions and the testimonials from the clients and thought that maybe some new photos would help my self-esteem. I had a good 2 months between the time that I booked the session to the actual date of the session, so to help with the depression, I sought help. By the time my session rolled around, I was happier with myself. Every time Brooke or Ava complimented me, I honestly believed it. Seeing one of my photos the night after my session was honestly life changing. I did not see the flaws I had, I saw a woman who had worth and was beautiful. And Ava knows how to showcase someone’s beauty through make-up and hair while Brooke showcases it through photography. I couldn’t have asked for a better session. When I got my photos back, I was absolutely blown away. Again, I saw the woman that has worth. I can’t express enough how amazing a session with Brooke truly is. You just have to experience it for yourself!