I have photographed this woman on stage for years. Like most people who perform, they are more comfortable onstage being someone else, than they are in their own skin. To be in front of a camera as yourself can be intimidating. I am SO glad she decided to do this session with me. She did an amazing job, and is an amazing woman. Go check out her testimonial on the Word of Mouth page. I adored this session.

DSC_5159-Exposure33893390339133923393339433953396339733983399 copy.jpg
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DSC_5342-Exposure36533654365536563657365836593660366136623663 copy.jpg


I met Kelsi through a local theater group that I photograph years ago. She’s a pretty private young woman that’s very talented. Kelsi’s parents gifted her a session with me for Christmas and she was my first actual client in the new studio space. We discussed what she would wear and what sort of session she would want to have. On the day of the session Kelsi had a life changing event happen. She came for her session anyway. What a brave and deserving young woman. She is definitely an example of strength and perseverance. I am honored to be chosen as all of my clients photographer. But this session is one that I will truly remember for the rest of my days. Thank you Kelsi.

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