What drives you?

Every day we have something that moves us forward to a place we may not even be aware that we are going to. Most of us are just simply unaware. We are living our lives and making little decisions that eventually end up leaving us with this loud realization of something. It is different for everyone, but when it happens it about hits you between the eyes. That phrase is funny until you realize that in essence “between the eyes” is really your third eye, or your mind’s eye.

I think it is accurate to say that most of us work towards one or two goals a year. They are usually big things that take nearly all year or more to achieve. In reality though, we are working through insane amounts of little goals all day, every day. So what are yours? Are you just thinking about the big picture, or are you seeing all the wonder in the little goals that succeed and fail? Those are the ones that aren’t celebrated nearly enough.

Celebrate a failure? Sure! It is one more thing you can cross off your list that didn’t work out - and that gets you closer to your success. Small successful goals like settling on a business card, or networking with someone face to face, genuinely, these are things that inch you closer and closer. Networking with someone face to face insincerely is just a failure that shows you businesses are living, breathing things that deserve our genuine care and interest. So it isn’t a waste, it is a lesson. Those are the things that make something grow - your business or your relationships.

I’m in business mode right now because I am going full steam ahead with mine. But you can’t do that successfully either unless you are paying attention to YOU. Your body, your mind, your spirit. You are the center of your business, and if that is weak, or unbalanced, everything else will suffer.

My life has been a gift. It hasn’t been easy, my marriage is hard, my kids are fantastic but they each have their own struggles because they are human. I don’t sugar coat anything. I’ve been a homeschool mom for years. I can’t imagine doing it any other way. I LOVE hanging out with my kids - I firmly believe I have created three of most awesome people alive. Their spirits are kind and generous. I’ve been a stay at home mom for the past 20 years, learning photography for the past 8 and doing it as a hobby. And while my husband and I don’t see eye to eye on nearly anything lol, he has afforded me this incredible privilege of being home to raise these incredible people. While he has done the 40+ hour a week grind, he has gifted me this time with my girls that no one else on this earth has been able to. I will forever be grateful for that.

In the last year my middle daughter was diagnosed with some really problematic health issues. I, myself, was feeling my brain fog and chronic migraines were taking over my life. I decided I needed to majorly shakeup my life in a good way. I decided to go and get a part time job out of the house. That turned into a full time position.

What I have learned from this is a) I AM a hard working, capable woman. b) my brain fog went away. I believe that the new stimulation exercised my brain and woke it up. THANKFUL. c) when I now look back on my struggles with taking my photography from a hobby to a business - it was me being unfocused and not driven to do so. d) I want SO badly to have work fill in the space of my life, and NOT life fill in the space of my work. Basically, more life and less work. In order to do that, I have to work smarter and not harder. Working full time only really affords you two days off to catch up on what (as a stay at home mom) I would do on the daily - laundry, dishes, cooking. Then you work year round for a couple weeks of vacation. I don’t want to play catch up. I don’t want to squeeze two weeks of memories and life in. And I want to afford my husband the ability to not have to worry about our retirement so much. I want to show my kids that life is short and there are a million ways to create income and make a living that doesn’t rob you of time with your family. This has been a major mindset shift for me. So it is not a failure, it is a lesson.

Success isn’t 40 hours a week, necessarily. Ask anyone who works 40 hours a week if they would rather work less hours, but get the same amount done for the same pay. I don’t want a set time on how long I have to be somewhere to get my job done. I’ve had jobs that may have started at 4 a.m. but you were done when you were done, for the same pay as a 40 hours a week job. I want to put my heart and soul into a session with a client, have an awesome energy exchange and not watch the clock to make sure I got the hours in. Then I want to be able to have time to enjoy my compensation with my family, in our lives.

I now have a new focus. I have a new mindset. And if you have read this far - my grammar, punctuation and the over use of commas is probably driving you crazy. I hope you stick around!

How about some photos of the new space? I am in LOVE with it!

On move in day, my girls surprised me with some sparkling cider. They told me they were proud of me, and that this day and this space had been a long time coming. I love them!

I am so ready to create beautiful, meaningful photos in this place.

DSC_4145 copy.jpg
DSC_4139 copy.jpg