Lori is my studio neighbor. She owns a fantastic and bohemian-esque floral studio in downtown Gadsden, AL called Rococo Floral Studio. It is every bit as one of a kind as she is. If ever a business and business owner matched perfectly, this is it.

Lori has her own style (which I LOVE, by the way). She brought FUN pieces to her shoot. And then we made a collaboration effort on some portraits that reflected her botanical and foraging endeavors. Some of my most favorite things are moss and mushrooms and Lori found all of the items used in her shoot.

Lori is a business woman, a cancer survivor, and a mother. She’s an incredible example of womanhood. We wear so many different hats and juggle so much that life throws at us with strength, boldness, and endurance, never quitting. What choice to do we have?

Thank you, Lori for making this session unforgettable. And thank you for being vulnerable enough to share your scars. You’re amazing.

As you can see in this one session, she is soft, feminine, bold, serious, vulnerable, playful… Proof women are so multifaceted.


I’ve known Jade for awhile, through my girls and their time with theater. Jade is such a kind, and shy young woman. This is my second session with Jade, the first being her senior portraits. This time she wanted to feel beautiful, and didn’t need to wait for a milestone to book her session. Thank you, Jade! You’re always a pleasure to photograph and these were so gorgeous.


Cody Rae

Have you ever had a friend that you were just blown away by? She’s super smart (but doesn’t flaunt it in a know it all sort of way), she is GORGEOUS, she is so, SO funny, extremely quick witted, she’s incredibly kind and generous… you can just go on an on about how irreplaceable she is. All of that is just the tip of the iceberg because then you add the hat of mother in there and it is just whole other novel.

This is MY friend who is all of the above. I’m forever grateful that I met her and get to hang with her (and let me tell you that it is not nearly enough). We got to have a great little lunch date and try a new place in town just the other day. Turns out, being business owners (I’m so proud of her) has turned us into busy people. When did that happen?!

I love you to bits, woman.


Raise your hand and nominate your mama!

Who loves their mama? And who thinks their mama is the best one around? I would hope that everyone would raise their hand, I know I do! Who has tons and tons of photos of their mother? Not many people. Why is that? My personal theory is that either moms are always BEHIND the camera devoting their days to photographing their children, or they just don’t love having their pictures taken.

“Oh, I’m not very photogenic.”

“I need to lose some weight before I book a session with a photographer.”

I hear this a lot. What I hear more of is the children of these women wishing they had more photos of their mom. We are always going to think our mother is the most beautiful woman we know because we love her. We’d sure like to have photos of her. And by having an attentive photographer who naturally specializes in photographing women in such flattering ways (and not depending on Photoshop to get it done), this will be a day your sweet and deserving mother will never forget.

Doesn’t she deserve it?

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I can’t think of a better time or way to show these incredible women in our lives how truly irreplaceable they are. How am I going to do that?

By gifting one mama a portrait session with me (a $300 value). With a $100 Gift Voucher towards any prints she (or her wonderful children) would like to buy.

She will have a consultation prior to her session to plan wardrobe and see how she wants to be photographed, she will get her hair and makeup done in the studio, she’ll have an unforgettable day in front of my camera looking and feeling amazing. She’ll get to see how the rest of the world sees her and know just how special and loved she is. What I provide my clients is not just portraits, but an experience in a comfortable and fun setting.

So how do we get your sweet mama nominated?

  • Write me a short message about what makes her so special and why she deserves to be the winner - and let me see her smiling face!

  • Like my Facebook page.

  • Like my Instagram page.

  • Share this post.

That’s it!

Nominations will run from now until May 11th at midnight. I will choose and announce a winner on May 12th.

This is a great gift for siblings to go in on for their mom, by splitting the package prices between themselves.


Santana and I go back quite a ways. I met her when my daughter joined her children’s theater group. That was many, many years ago and through that time we’ve developed a relationship. I have photographed her and her husband before they were married, I photographed her bridals, their wedding, and the birth of their child. I’ve photographed their milestones, and non-milestones alike. I’ve been equally excited and honored for each of those things.

Santana and I have always felt that we have been born in the wrong era. This woman screams old Hollywood glam. Clearly she has always been meant for the stage no matter what year it may be. We had fun playing around with these gorgeous gowns.

DSC_5427-Exposure38953896389738983899390039013902390339043905 copy.jpg
DSC_5442-Exposure39173918391939203921392239233924392539263927 copy.jpg
DSC_5470-Exposure39393940394139423943394439453946394739483949 copy.jpg
DSC_5616-Exposure37413742374337443745374637473748374937503751 copy.jpg
DSC_5617-Exposure37303731373237333734373537363737373837393740 copy.jpg
DSC_5621-Exposure37523753375437553756375737583759376037613762 copy.jpg
DSC_5626-Exposure37743775377637773778377937803781378237833784 copy.jpg
DSC_5633-Exposure37853786378737883789379037913792379337943795 copy.jpg
DSC_5641-Exposure38073808380938103811381238133814381538163817 copy.jpg
DSC_5687-Exposure38293830383138323833383438353836383738383839 copy.jpg
DSC_5690-Exposure38403841384238433844384538463847384838493850 copy.jpg
DSC_5713-Exposure38513852385338543855385638573858385938603861 copy.jpg
DSC_5772-Exposure38623863386438653866386738683869387038713872 copy.jpg
DSC_5856-Exposure38843885388638873888388938903891389238933894 copy.jpg


I have photographed this woman on stage for years. Like most people who perform, they are more comfortable onstage being someone else, than they are in their own skin. To be in front of a camera as yourself can be intimidating. I am SO glad she decided to do this session with me. She did an amazing job, and is an amazing woman. Go check out her testimonial on the Word of Mouth page. I adored this session.

DSC_5159-Exposure33893390339133923393339433953396339733983399 copy.jpg
DSC_5165-Exposure34003401340234033404340534063407340834093410 copy.jpg
DSC_5171-Exposure34113412341334143415341634173418341934203421 copy.jpg
DSC_5181-Exposure34553456345734583459346034613462346334643465 copy.jpg
DSC_5184-Exposure34773478347934803481348234833484348534863487 copy.jpg
DSC_5201-Exposure34883489349034913492349334943495349634973498 copy.jpg
DSC_5209-Exposure34993500350135023503350435053506350735083509 copy.jpg
DSC_5210-Exposure35103511351235133514351535163517351835193520 copy.jpg
DSC_5266-Exposure36093610361136123613361436153616361736183619 copy.jpg
DSC_5259-Exposure35873588358935903591359235933594359535963597 copy.jpg
DSC_5312-Exposure36313632363336343635363636373638363936403641 copy.jpg
DSC_5342-Exposure36533654365536563657365836593660366136623663 copy.jpg


I met Kelsi through a local theater group that I photograph years ago. She’s a pretty private young woman that’s very talented. Kelsi’s parents gifted her a session with me for Christmas and she was my first actual client in the new studio space. We discussed what she would wear and what sort of session she would want to have. On the day of the session Kelsi had a life changing event happen. She came for her session anyway. What a brave and deserving young woman. She is definitely an example of strength and perseverance. I am honored to be chosen as all of my clients photographer. But this session is one that I will truly remember for the rest of my days. Thank you Kelsi.

DSC_4231-Exposure26632664266526662667266826692670267126722673 copy.jpg
DSC_4237-Exposure26852686268726882689269026912692269326942695 copy.jpg
DSC_4248-Exposure26962697269826992700270127022703270427052706 copy.jpg
DSC_4271-Exposure27182719272027212722272327242725272627272728 copy.jpg
DSC_4538-Exposure28832884288528862887288828892890289128922893 copy.jpg
DSC_4468-Exposure28502851285228532854285528562857285828592860 copy.jpg
DSC_4593-Exposure29162917291829192920292129222923292429252926 copy.jpg
DSC_4645-Exposure29602961296229632964296529662967296829692970 copy.jpg
DSC_4754-Exposure30703071307230733074307530763077307830793080 copy.jpg
DSC_4721-Exposure30263027302830293030303130323033303430353036 copy.jpg

What drives you?

Every day we have something that moves us forward to a place we may not even be aware that we are going to. Most of us are just simply unaware. We are living our lives and making little decisions that eventually end up leaving us with this loud realization of something. It is different for everyone, but when it happens it about hits you between the eyes. That phrase is funny until you realize that in essence “between the eyes” is really your third eye, or your mind’s eye.

I think it is accurate to say that most of us work towards one or two goals a year. They are usually big things that take nearly all year or more to achieve. In reality though, we are working through insane amounts of little goals all day, every day. So what are yours? Are you just thinking about the big picture, or are you seeing all the wonder in the little goals that succeed and fail? Those are the ones that aren’t celebrated nearly enough.

Celebrate a failure? Sure! It is one more thing you can cross off your list that didn’t work out - and that gets you closer to your success. Small successful goals like settling on a business card, or networking with someone face to face, genuinely, these are things that inch you closer and closer. Networking with someone face to face insincerely is just a failure that shows you businesses are living, breathing things that deserve our genuine care and interest. So it isn’t a waste, it is a lesson. Those are the things that make something grow - your business or your relationships.

I’m in business mode right now because I am going full steam ahead with mine. But you can’t do that successfully either unless you are paying attention to YOU. Your body, your mind, your spirit. You are the center of your business, and if that is weak, or unbalanced, everything else will suffer.

My life has been a gift. It hasn’t been easy, my marriage is hard, my kids are fantastic but they each have their own struggles because they are human. I don’t sugar coat anything. I’ve been a homeschool mom for years. I can’t imagine doing it any other way. I LOVE hanging out with my kids - I firmly believe I have created three of most awesome people alive. Their spirits are kind and generous. I’ve been a stay at home mom for the past 20 years, learning photography for the past 8 and doing it as a hobby. And while my husband and I don’t see eye to eye on nearly anything lol, he has afforded me this incredible privilege of being home to raise these incredible people. While he has done the 40+ hour a week grind, he has gifted me this time with my girls that no one else on this earth has been able to. I will forever be grateful for that.

In the last year my middle daughter was diagnosed with some really problematic health issues. I, myself, was feeling my brain fog and chronic migraines were taking over my life. I decided I needed to majorly shakeup my life in a good way. I decided to go and get a part time job out of the house. That turned into a full time position.

What I have learned from this is a) I AM a hard working, capable woman. b) my brain fog went away. I believe that the new stimulation exercised my brain and woke it up. THANKFUL. c) when I now look back on my struggles with taking my photography from a hobby to a business - it was me being unfocused and not driven to do so. d) I want SO badly to have work fill in the space of my life, and NOT life fill in the space of my work. Basically, more life and less work. In order to do that, I have to work smarter and not harder. Working full time only really affords you two days off to catch up on what (as a stay at home mom) I would do on the daily - laundry, dishes, cooking. Then you work year round for a couple weeks of vacation. I don’t want to play catch up. I don’t want to squeeze two weeks of memories and life in. And I want to afford my husband the ability to not have to worry about our retirement so much. I want to show my kids that life is short and there are a million ways to create income and make a living that doesn’t rob you of time with your family. This has been a major mindset shift for me. So it is not a failure, it is a lesson.

Success isn’t 40 hours a week, necessarily. Ask anyone who works 40 hours a week if they would rather work less hours, but get the same amount done for the same pay. I don’t want a set time on how long I have to be somewhere to get my job done. I’ve had jobs that may have started at 4 a.m. but you were done when you were done, for the same pay as a 40 hours a week job. I want to put my heart and soul into a session with a client, have an awesome energy exchange and not watch the clock to make sure I got the hours in. Then I want to be able to have time to enjoy my compensation with my family, in our lives.

I now have a new focus. I have a new mindset. And if you have read this far - my grammar, punctuation and the over use of commas is probably driving you crazy. I hope you stick around!

How about some photos of the new space? I am in LOVE with it!

On move in day, my girls surprised me with some sparkling cider. They told me they were proud of me, and that this day and this space had been a long time coming. I love them!

I am so ready to create beautiful, meaningful photos in this place.

DSC_4145 copy.jpg
DSC_4139 copy.jpg

New website, new STUDIO.

I have never in my life wanted to have a studio space. I shoot very minimally, in both gear and distraction. I really like to just have my subject be the focus. But years ago I fell in love with a space, before I was even a photographer. I was just drawn to it, the energy, the feel, the looks of this light flooded space. I remember even saying “wow, I don’t know what this even is, but I want to be IN there”.

Fast forward a decade or so and I have had the incredible opportunity to lease the whole studio. I am still in shock. I am still scared. I am STILL in love.

Starting in January, Brooke Bikneris Photography will be moving to downtown Gadsden, Alabama to The 215 Studio. And the portraits I make, are about to be even more gorgeous than before. I am inspired!